Creation in 1999.
A team composed of specialists in the various fields of express transport,
network management, quality, management, I.T.,
storage and supply chains.

Limited company with a capital of 537 000 euros.

Headquarters :
Z.A. de Charpenay,
13 rue de l’Aqueduc
69210 Lentilly


Our Sites

Ile-de-France Combs-la-Ville, Paris
North Vendeville
East Nancy, Strasbourg
Rhône-Alpes Lentilly, Clermont-Ferrand, Valence
South Avignon
South West Bordeaux, Limoges, Toulouse
West Rennes, Nantes, Caen, Le Mans
Burgundy Dijon, Chalon sur Saône


National Hub : Combs-la-Ville

Regional Hubs :
Combs-la-Ville, Lyon, Avignon, Bordeaux, Limoges, Toulouse, Rennes, Nancy, Vendeville, Nantes, Valence, Dijon, Caen, Chalon sur Saône, Le Mans

Call centers


Values & advantages


Proximity : to be present and part of the local economy

Service : to give each customer , at every stage, the required support

Responsability :

  • respect of the safety rules and road regulations
  • protection of people, goods and environment.

Rigour : to provide every day the required service

Personalization : a dedicated contact, a preventive information by e-mail/SMS at the end of the mission.

Quality : organization of procedures and indicators according to your targets.

Responsible company : vehicles in compliance with Euro V standards, Drive Green, optimization of flows and expertise in the last-mile transport.


  • Know-how
  • Customer data base of renowned companies loyal to Proxidis
  • Teams involved in the quality of service and the respect of commitments.
  • Responsiveness
  • Sound financial situation

Major figures