This offer gives you the opportunity to optimize and value your return flows in compliance with the current applicable environmental regulations, by reducing your ecological footprint.
A solution in accordance with the environmental and ecological rules through a control of your waste emission.
Waste are tracked from the producer to the approved industries in charge of their transformation into energy or materials.
The management of waste is based on the treated quantities, the optimization of the process of collection, sorting and their transformation into value and source of revenue.


Performed by

  • Simultaneous collection during our innight delivery service for the technicians or the overnight delivery to the stores
  • Pick-up on request on our Website to the transport service which will optimize them in the planned network

Nature of the waste

  • Cartons, plastic materials, used consumables, electronic cards, metallic waste, cables, soiled waste,electrolyte, waste oils, aerosols…


  • Referenced plastic boxes, cans, cartons with bags according to the type of waste. Packaging is supplied by the SMS orders or via the requests for collection.


  • Supply of labels (with different addresses) for the technicians ;
  • Automatic printing of labels with the request for collection.


  • Shipments are forwarded to our site of transit and sorting out of industrial waste, based at Lyon 



  • Identification of the producer (shipper) and allocation of the plastic boxes per producer 
  • Nature of waste or reference of consumables
  • Weight.

Sorting and storage

  • Per type of industry and according to the nature of each waste and the regulations for their storage;
  • Empty plastic boxes and cans are placed in stock for shipment ;
  • When stocks reach their maximum capacity, they are transferred to each approved industry to be transformed into energy or materials.

Administrative management


  • Creation of the producer’s waste tracking slip (BSD) during the request for collection
  • This individual document , available on our Website, is completed when the identification and sorting of the materials is done at LYON, in our site with an ICPE classification - (ICPE : installation classified for environmental protection)
  • The consolidated BSD, including all the producers of the same type of waste, is available when the treatment by the appropriate industry in charge of the transformation has been finished (available on our website with the link of the initial BSD).