We propose offers for personalized and secure message delivery, in line with your expectations.

Overnight delivery
Parcels, Multi parcels


  • D+1 delivery < 12h00

Time-slots and top h to D+1

  • Deliveries adapted to stores with fixed schedules.

By appointment


  • Returns and transfer of goods, mail shuttles.

Messenger services

  • motos, vehicles, trains or planes on demand.

Innight Delivery

  • the request of your After-sales services
  • your technicians receive during the night their parts to perform their planned repair works the day after
  • Deliveries are made in their car boots, in warehouses with easy access open from 6 AM selected according to your criteria, in lockers in your agencies or at your dealers’.


  • Your technicians are informed by SMS about the delivery of their order.


  • During the delivery, we pick-up the parcels prepared by your technicians to be delivered to your warehouses according to the preregistered addresses:

Order for packaging

  • Your technicians can order by SMS packaging for the preparation of their returns (personalized box, carton…)